Paul Chowdhry as Dil, Amit Shah as Neran, Sonell Dadral as Jaz

The Balti House Losers are Mohan’s lifelong friends.  Dil is the group’s leader, full of get-rich-quick schemes; Neran is the “brainy one”; and Jaz, who never takes off his hat, is the butt of all their jokes.

Paul is known as the Bad Boy of Asian stand-up comedy.  As a film actor, he has appeared opposed Chiewetal Ejiofor in It Was An Accident and in Colour Me Kubrick.

Amit was recently selected as as one of the 50 Best British Actors in The Observer. He has just filming 13 Semesters for 20th Century Fox and is currently working with Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson for TV.

Sonell has appeared in a featured role in Syriana and also Shaun of the Dead.  In TV, he has been seen in Peter Morgan’s The Jury, in C4’s acclaimed adaptation of Zadie Smith’s White Teeth and in ITV’s long-running comedy show My Life As A Popat.

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