Snowman C4 Coming Up III, 2003. 30min Starring Noel Clarke, Christopher Simpson, Akemnji Ndifernyan

Gritty urban drama about an ex-criminal trying to go straight as a police officer and his younger brother, tempted by crime.


Monkey in Heaven Films, 2001.  Producer: Jamie Nuttgens 15 min. Starring Richard Hawley, Nina Wadia, Sunny Patel.

Best Director, Best Actor (Richard Hawley) Greenwich Film Festival 2001

Commendation, TCM Classic Shorts 2001

Award-winning short film about a man who commits a crime and swears the only witness, his young son, to secrecy.

Park Stories

Monkey in Heaven Films, 1999, 10min. Producer: Jamie Nuttgens Starring Parminder Nagra, Michelle Austin, Russell Boulter. 

Three inter-linking stories set in a London park on one hot summer’s day.

Burning Love

Monkey in Heaven Films, 1995 7min Producer: Jamie Nuttgens

Starring Rubina Akhtar, Phil McDermott.

A battered wife takes her revenge.

Clockwise from top left: Snowman, Cup & Lip, Park Stories, Burning Love

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