"A combination of multicultural treatise and dark domestic thriller, this marks a new departure for British-Asian cinema"
Empire Online

"An intriguing cross-cultural thriller"
Screen International

"Elegant, poetic and stylishly shot"
Meera Syal

"Smart writing with dark humour elevates "The Blue Tower" from an accomplished thriller to an extraordinary cinematic experience. A must see."
Deepa Mehta

"A clever and intriguing thriller that will capture your imagination from the big dreams of its lead character to the symbolism of the film's titular Blue Tower. Daring enough to be different, it ushers in a new era for British-Asian cinema - and isn't afraid of addressing several taboos in the process."
Raindance Film Festival

"Well directed, tense and amusing ethnic drama"

"The Blue Tower's idiosyncrasy may not initially appear be a commercial asset, but it's what marks it out as a film with a distinctive cinematic verve which will resonate long after the candy floss has been forgotten."
The Doe Eyed Critic