The Blue Tower... the first feature by award-winning Indian British writer/director Smita Bhide, set in Southall, West London’s colourful and bustling Indian community.

Mohan dreams of escape: from his unhappy marriage, his overbearing family, his unexciting prospects. He finds it by falling into an affair with the pretty young nurse looking after his cantankerous bed-ridden Auntie Kamla. At first the relationships feels like the answer to his prayers, but there are secrets to come out and before long he’s on a road to disaster, his every step dogged by the looming menace of the Blue Tower waiting for him round every corner.

Featuring a cast of Asian actors and shot on HD, The Blue Tower plays like something by James M. Cain with touches of Great Expectations thrown in. It’s not a ‘corner-shop comedy’ or a Bollywood pastiche but something new in British-Asian cinema, a full-blooded story of illicit passion and desperate hope which presents a unique and cinematic portrait of multicultural Britain.

“Elegantly poetic and stylishly shot”

Meera Syal